The teleconference on Saturday, September 17 2022, 7:00PM-9:00PM (EDT) [4:00PM-6:00PM (PDT)], will be conducted in the form of a Dhamma Deshana by Ven. Dr. Harispattuwe Mangala Nayaka Thero of Sri Saranatha Vidyapeeta Maha Pirivena, Halloluwa, Kandy, Sri Lanka, followed by a Question and Answer / Discussion session.

Topic for Ven. Dr. Harispattuwe Mangala Nayaka Thero's Dhamma Deshana will be: 

Causes of Downfall, Decline or Deterioration in the Social, Moral and Spiritual Aspects of an Individual that Lead to the Downfall of the Society [Based upon: Parabhava Sutta (SN 1.6)]